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Whether you are an accomplished or upcoming writer in Nigeria, Writers’ Fraternity can make you profit from your work by giving you more exposure.


Writers’ Fraternity Limited provides the platform to get your manuscript vetted and assessed by a professional and make it ready for publishing.


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About Writers' Fraternity

Writers’ Fraternity Limited was registered by Government in August 1985 primarily as a Publishing House and we currently produce story-books under the brand name of TRUMPETERS.

Our story-books contain interesting drama series and, by popular request, we have installed a platform for Playwriters to freely enlist their books and profit from their works as writers.

With a transparent system in place, we fully guarantee the protection of writers’ works.

Created To Promote Literature

Writers’ Fraternity can turn your script to good income. This is your opportunity to give exposure to your materials.


Driven By Integrity

Manned by experienced and accomplished writer who knows how to vet the best work for our readers around the globe.

Get Your Book Published By Trusted Firm

We not only vet and assess your book, we get it published by the best publishers if you contract us.


List Your Hard Or Soft Copy For Sale

Start profiting from your book whether published or just a soft copy once listed on our platform.

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Buy and read lierature works that are interesting and worth every penny. We list the very best and interesting plays on our online store and provide you with the simplest mode of payment for your chosen book.

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Visit Writers’ Fraternity Limited Book Market to buy a book or list your book for sale. The book market is not limited to literary works.

Featured Books

OYE BADMUS really went too far in his relationship with that lady to the extent he could no longer retrace his way home. But that lady belongs to someone too close to him. At the end of the day, OYE offended everyone, including himself.

God’s commandment are in no way ambigguous; Love me with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbour as yourself. Any departure is a sin. Satan is on a winning wave across the world, luring its victim with spurious ill gotten gains of life. Over flowing wealth, intoxicating power and authority,only to lead them to their ruin.

About The Founder

OLA OMIYALE is a novelist and a publisher. He has contributed many novels to the Trumpeters Series, some of which were adopted by the Lagos State Ministry Of Education for school use.

A graduate of History with outreach post-graduate Diploma in Journalism, Ola’s hobby is Reading.

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Get in touch with us. Get any book in our series for your schools. Do you have your book ready? Learn more about how to get listed and the benefits it holds for you.

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