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Across the world, renowned writers, actors and actresses make their fortune by doing what they love to do. Their interest in the vocation is borne out of the flair which they demonstrate. Nobody at birth comes with a letter of credence from the Creator as to his mission in life. Circumstances dictate what to do, but flair for a vocation is a latent talent which seamlessly leads man to his gold mine.

Philosophers agree that no-one comes into this world empty-handed and what is important is to discover self and embrace the opportunity. Many professionals in other fields are known to have dumped the certificate, amazingly to become very successful in the drama world.There is need for determination, intense sacrifice and flair. Success then attends the effort, because where there is a will there is a way.

Whatever your present engagement, great opportunities abound in the literary and entertainment world.So, discover self, come on board and make your distinction.

SOURCE: Lecture organized by Trumpeters at Ikeja on 25 February, 2019.