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Writers' Fraternity Limited is a forum for Playwriters, Actors/Actresses, Producers and Marketers.


We are currently on a mission to build up a large reservoir of playwriters whose stories meet international standard in terms of presentation, objectivity, acceptability, language flow, and commonsense. We’re also building up a large base of registered professional actors who are ready for acting contracts.

Adherence To Best Practices

We adhere to the principles of dramatic composition, known as dramaturgy which is now a serious study in modern day theatre art. A play is dialogic or conversational (not prose). It must have an objective, must entertain and teach a lesson. The chronology and sequence must present brilliant mental images. <<See Our Plays>>.

We have created a robust platform for young and old registered actors, actresses and writers to showcase their talents and earn big money with their work.

Operations Strategy

We choose interesting drama from our library of ready plays and collaborate with producers. Our marketers and promoters are deeply involved to source for funds. Finished works may be produced in the form of play-books, DVD/VCD, TV Programme, cinematograph, etc. Every contributor to the efforts all the way stands to gain; the play-writer, actor/actress, producer and marketer.

We oversee every segment of the programme from screening of materials to production and marketing of finished work, and ensure that our registered members are well paid for their work and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Can Register On Writers' Fraternity?

Playwriters, actors/actresses, producers and marketers.

After My Play Is Approved What Next?

The play undergoes normal processes to get it published. It is then listed on trumpeters page for further prospects to make money.

What Is The Role Of Writers' Fraternity?

We act as coordinators, we market your work and strike good deals on your behalf.

How Do I Get My Play on Writers' Fraternity?

By first registering as a member and submitting your play material for review.

What Do I Gain As An Actor?

You get introduced to producers who collaborate with us and to those who regularly come to source for actors or models.

How Many Plays Can I Submit?

As many as you can write. However, we place great emphasis on quality rather than quantity.