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Make Money With Your Written Materials

When you become a member of Writers Fraternity, we review your written play or drama and give it exposure so that other members like play producers can have access to it when considering their next film. If your work is chosen, Writers fraternity setup a meeting to discuss the financial terms under which your written play can be turned into a movie.


List Your Book For Sale

Writers Fraternity will review the soft copy of your book and list it among our featured books. Every two weeks, we give you a report of sales and your royalty payment from sales.


Gain Exposure In The Industry

Whether you are a writer, actor or actress. You gain exposure by being a member of Writers Fraternity in the nollywood industry and entertainment at large. This is so because when a book from our collection is adapted as a movie, we handpick our members to be considered first for auditionning and acting roles


Sharpen Your Writing and Acting Skills

To make it big in the industry, you need to sharpen your talent either as a play writer or actor/actress. There has never been a time that talent alone is a enough to make people big stars. Constant sharpening of your talent and regular practice is required to stay ahead of the competition. Writers Fraternity will mentor you and sharpen your skill as a member.


Follow Your Passion

We provide members with the opportunity to pursue their passion. Because the founder is well connected and have wealth of experience in the industry, members are properly guided to avoid pitfall.